Riga 1901 Series - "Venice"

"Venice” - an entertainment locale built for the Riga 700th Jubilee celebrations.

In 1901, celebration of Riga's 700th Jubilee took place. The central event in the opulent festivity program undoubtedly was the Industry and Crafts Jubilee Exhibition.

Riga's Jubilee celebrations offered something for everyone. The invitation-only events drew upper-class guests, while an abundance of other events were enjoyed by the broader public. Birds' Meadows, located in the Strēlnieku Garden, attracted large crowds ready to enjoy marry-go-rounds, dance performances and circus acts. “Venice” was specifically built for the Jubilee on the banks of the Riga Canal. It was truly exotic and beautiful, including real gondolas and their passionate singing. The mock “Venice's” bars attracted many young people late into the night and were overflowing with wine. This old postcard depicts the beautiful “Venice” of 1901 in Riga and shows the aesthetics of the Art Nouveau design.

 Folded greeting card (10,5cm x 15 cm) with an envelope, printed in Latvia.