Seed card

Greeting card made from cotton and abaca paper, made in Latvia. In the paper of the greeting card are embedded various seeds suitable to grow in Latvian climate conditions. Plant your card in soil, preferably in spring or summer, put in a place of plenty sunlight, don't forget to regularly water it and tell it some encouraging words and now you have to wait the surprise of what it grows.* The seeds that are put in the paper are a mix of - basil, lavender, parsley, various little flowers and other cute little plants. 

Use the card as a table card ( the other side of the card is left empty for the purpose of writing names or other information), as a gift for your wedding guests or simply as a nice gesture for your friend.

Approximate dimensions: 10.5 x 7.5

*We kindly ask you to take in account that the card planting is more of a symbolic process, so you won't grow a huge flower bouquet or large bowl of salad mix. Number of seeds in each card varies and can not be regulated - that is the magic outcome of the paper making process.