J. Rozentals - Arkadija

In his painting “Arcadia” (1910) Rozentals depicts a beloved theme of the symbolist artists. Arcadia (or Utopia, from Greek) generally refers to a vision of pastoralism and harmony with nature. Rozentals has set the painting almost like a stage filled with willowy ladies in dance-like motions, cherubs and serenity. “Arcadia” is a delicate artistic combination of the classic tradition, art nouveau style and the lightness of impressionism.

Janis Rozentals (1866-1919) is one of the most important Latvian artists  with an everlasting impact on the formation of the national art in Latvia. An innovator and an artist of striking individuality, Rozentals was among those who brought Latvian art to the level of other European nations. Always hard working, Janis Rozentāls spent most of his time in his studio. He is known to have painted with a cigarette in one hand, chain-smoking. Rozentals was a celebrity, popular and loved. His home created together with his wife, Finnish opera singer, Elli Forssell, was a favorite meeting place of Latvian intellectuals who regularly gathered there for literary and musical evenings.

Limited edition quality art print from Latvia. Original property of the LNMA.